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Found 4 results

  1. Opencsgo.com has provided the interview to find out what weapons in the game are the most popular... The store OpenCS:GO that supplies items for the game CSGO asked users to name 5 TOP models for cs:go weapons:) opencsgo.com asked more than 20000 players! There was also an ask to name the advantages given by their preferred rifles) The gamers have answered also the question about what item is the best for their preferred guns... SG553 The next weapon of our list is SG 553! According to Research many gamers called this weapon as one the most multitask one! It can be used as the assault csgo weapon and the sniper csgo weapon both, either!.. The main disadvantage of the csgo rifle is its heavy prise... This csgo gun has some more than one popular skins for it) The Ultraviolet, Damascus Steel and Wave Spray are three of them:) M4A4 M4A4 was 1 of the most popular csgo guns either!.. It has the advantage in silence and accuracy:) Long rage was called as the next advantage of this gun!.. According the answers it has only the advantages) It is self-understood that the most wanted skins for M4A4 is the "Howl":) Sniper gun AWP The AWP was called as the most powerful weapon of the game:) Many users tell that with this gun they can defeat the whole enemy team:) With this rifle users are feeling themselves undefeated!.. According to the interview the Medusa became the most wanted items for AWP. opencsgo.com thanks gamers and users for participating in this Research) Weapon M4A1S Many people compare this gun with M4A4 and tell that A1-Sis better... The M4A4-1 shoots without tracers and and the shooter stays invisible... Among its plus sides is its low recoil! Because of silencer it is very silent, either!.. 1 of the main disadvantages is a very low ammo capacity:) The most wanted by gamers skins for the M4A1-S are Chanticos Fire and Mecha Industries! AK47 The most efficient gun of the game is AK47 as gamers say!.. According to players' opinions AK47 has few advantage. Accuracy named as 1 of the main advantage of this csgo rifle:) Many gamers called AK47 as the most powerful csgo gun in the game:) A single shot from the csgo weapon can be deathful. Sure enough, it has negative attribute as its noisiness:) And the best item for AK47 was named te Fire Serpent...
  2. Dropgun has undertaken a survey "TOP 5 AK models among its gamers! Our users had to answer some questions near what AK 47 skins are the best in their opinion... Totally our team have questioned about 20 000 users!.. The thing our team have read out was unexpected for reserch resaults!.. AK Jet Set Position 5 took the AK47 Jet Set. This AK47 is in great demand as respondents were answering:) Jet Set is the AK47 that think many places!.. Our team noted this skin can gain greater popularity in future... AK 47 Vulcan AK47 Vulcan took Fourth place with a small gap from 5th place. The AK-Vulcan always attracts attention because of its colors executed in the style of soft power! This skin is not very expensive but has a huge demand!.. AK 47-Fire Serpent Our managers were surprised that AK-47 Fire Serpent have not take the First but Third place... Dropgun thinks that its favour is the past:) This Serpent breathes with a fire) This Serpent is really one of mostly popular skins at all:) AK47 - Wasteland Rebel This skin took the 1st place in our Research and it's really good:) That item owns cool personal charm!.. Redline AK Redline for AK took the 2nd position in our survey... This skin is very juicy and stylish! Despite of low price it looks very expensive and many gamers want to have it in their inventory. All called items U can earn without efforts from boxes on our site. Our managers thanks to gamers took part in this Research:)
  3. May be you are following events in Krakow, I mean that Major! I watch each game... For a couple of days before the Major started I think the same name box on Opencsgo! Sure you were reading near by my great drops from dreamkack and ESL boxes on Open CSGO... So I was in expectation of newest offer and new success. Only take a look there and these nice items! I was planning to buy the case after next qualifier yesterday eve!.. Finally I opened the web store! I cash in my balance for $ 55... My account was not empty but I deposit it with not very many 55$... I have noticed that than oftener you refill it than higher opportunities to earn income! And then I got began!.. My first spining was M4A1-S Cyrex... Then I made not very many failing drops and lost near by 70 $!.. Thus I was not upset and forward up to make spins. I always knew: when there's a will there is a way. Just imagine Glock-18 fade)) I only had my brain freeze)) I believe I'll spin this case again in several days|I will try to spin the case when the main part of Major will go on|During the main part of Major I will try again}!.. Who knows maybe it gives me Medusa or Dragon Lore.
  4. I even had no doubt that SK Gaming will defeat everybody! ESL One Cologne is 1 of the top champs in the CS:GO Universe... Recently I noticed that cases named after CS:GO champs on OpenCS:GO give nice items!.. Every time when I was opening here boxes to champs I got gaining!At all times I was buying boxes to champs I was getting incoming! Because of that I am always aware of CS GO champs and cases to them on the web-site. And that is why I start to spin esl one cologne box when noticed it on the web-service!.. Firstly I have learned the contents of the box and there are 38 great items of 49 total!.. After I cash in $ 110 and start to spin the miracles started either! And this opening wisit exceeded my expectations!I made some opening and almost every skins I dropped was a incoming!..I have got a small gaining from several openings! After some opening I caught Bowie Knife Tiger Tooth!.. I'll open the case later 1 more again!I hoped to win more top models but this was nice too...If it will be on web-store!
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